Mr. Pete has been with us at TAPA camp for the past three years and we are so lucky to have him!  We are blessed with his endless spirit and energy for only a week each summer because he is an international teacher that is always on new adventures.  Peter is Miss Debi’s son and when we first met him he was teaching in Sierra Leone.  Last year taught in Guatemala, and he recently just left for the Marshall Islands.

When Mr. Pete is with us at TAPA he teaches outdoor games and helps campers and volunteers to interact and bond through physical play and team building exercises.  He also loves to take yoga, to pop into cooking class, and playing drums with Sidiki.  We will miss him during our August camp but look forward to hearing from him in the coming months.



In his own words: 

“This is my third year at TAPA.  It is always a pleasure to spend a week every summer with a group of devoted and happy people.  Susan and Lindsay welcome everyone in, and when we are all together it is one big happy family.  Teachers and volunteers keep coming back each year because it is such a positive place to work.  Throughout the years, I have connected with many students through art, food, dance, music or just conversation and smiles.  Everyone works together to keep TAPA a fun and safe place for all.”

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