These are a few of our favorite, teacher-approved, kid-loved TAPA activities for you to try at home! These are things that make our students grin and that you can try at home with your families.  Sharing is caring so feel free to share your favorite activities with us as well!
# 1 – Bringing Books to life
No matter what time of year, books help our students to relax, focus, and unwind.  Kids of all ages love to be read to so go to your library and grab a book that has lots of action words.  (Jump, laugh, hug, ran, turned, etc.) 
Read the book once with your children so that they get the general idea of the characters and plot.  When you read it again, act it out! reading
Now, drama activities can be intimidating for some but they are lots of fun and can start off very simply.  The first time you are acting it out, just move when there is an action word.  If the character ran, run!  If the character laughed, laugh.  If you want to get more advanced, ask your children to improvise what could happen next or what happened before. 
This will help get kids moving as you read and make books more than just a bedtime activity.

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