These are a few of our favorite, teacher-approved, kid-loved TAPA activities for you to try at home! These are things that make our students grin and that you can try at home with your families.  Sharing is caring so feel free to share your favorite activities with us as well!



# 2 – Obstacle Courses
Obstacle Courses are a great way to get moving! Set them up in the backyard or in a big space.  You can add music to speed up or slow down your movements. You can make identical courses to "race" or switch it up each time! This is a great rainy day activity or a great way to burn some excess 
energy on those fall weekends.  
At TAPA we use:
Space Dots to hop, skip, and leap from 
dot to dot without touching the ground. 

Balance beam or ribbons to walk 
across, slide across, or hop over. 

Hula hoops to hop into and out of, 
to crawl through like a tunnel, or to spin 
around our hips and arms before moving to the next stop. 

Balls  to toss into buckets or hula hoops. 

Chairs and tunnels to sit on, climb over, or crawl underneath. 

Yoga mats to tumble, crawl across, or roll over. 

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