These are a few of our favorite, teacher-approved, kid-loved TAPA activities!  These are things that make our students grin and that you can try at home with your families.  Sharing is caring so feel free to share your favorite activities with us as well!
Chalk it up
#3 Sidewalk Chalk 
It sounds too easy to be true, but sidewalk chalk is a huge part of TAPA camp.  We go through tons of it each summer because the possibilities are endless.  You can have fun at home on sunny autumn afternoons. 
Trace a friend by having them lay down in a safe driveway (with no cars around!).  Then work together to color in the details, clothing, and facial expressions. 
Write your name and practice what you’ve learned in school.  Last name, script, anything that will help your writing skills improve.  As a friend if you can write their name or have a spelling contest. 
Pictures of the fall. Stars, moons, rainbows, trees, pumpkins-  anything that you love about the fall. 
Shadows can be traced if you have a buddy who can stand still!  See the silly silhouettes that you can make and have your friend trace them. 
Jumping Jacks are a classic that everyone loves to play.  Walk, skip, or hop to the pebble after you toss it into a box. 

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