The Theresa Academy of Performing Arts is proud to offer three weeks of quality fine and performing arts classes during our Summer Camp.  And there is no experience more quintessential than Summer Camp Art!  Over the three weeks of camp, students sculpt, paint, color, draw, and create the most unique and colorful pieces as original as they are.  This year was no exception.


Young artists shared their talents and skills by creating textured paper in a variety of colors using acrylic paints and common household instruments like plastic forks, sponges, and combs.   Artists shared their dry paper with one another to trace and cut vegetables that matched the paper color.  These fruits were added to a painted wicker basket for “a day at the Farmer’s Market”. 



While exploring oceans and beach life in August, campers used water colors and wax crayons for watercolor wax resistant fish paintings.  Later, campers created 3D lanterns using contact paper and popsicle sticks to make cubes that lit up our studios.   This creative outlet allowed students to learn more about the oceans and its creatures and the different shades of blue and green that we often see. 



During the final week of camp, students constructed plaster masks in the shape of horses, cats, and humans.  Artists created their own characters and used religious and cultural masks as inspiration for their paint choices.  Patterns and features became clearer as students added pipe cleaners, buttons, sequins to their creations.  We made stories and gave rich backgrounds to their personal creations! 



We are so excited to see what the next year of imaginative art sessions will bring!  


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