Carly is returning to TAPA as an intern for her second year!  She is a constant source of fun and laughter for our students. She was worked with many of our students as a one-on-one buddy during camp, respite, weekly classes, and Sunday workshops. 

——Carly 1

TAPA is a great program for special needs kids.  Throughout the years that I have worked at TAPA, I have learned so much about kids and what makes them special.  TAPA is my second home and I love going there to work with the kids.  Seeing these kids bring a smile to my face and it reminds me that I truly love working with them.  I love being an intern because I love what I do.  I not only enjoy working with the kids, but I also love working with the other volunteers.  TAPA is a loving place that cares for every kids and adult that goes there.  They have an amazing program that really helps kids and adults learn how to work together.  TAPA is a great place for people to go and experience new things. 




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