An Ever-Relevant Post

TAPA Mom, Samantha Sosnik, put up an annual post in May of 2016, during Williams Syndrome Awareness month. In the funny way that social media works, someone recently saw that post from more than a year ago, commented on it, and within minutes it had skyrocketed to 300 likes with dozens upon dozens of comments. Samantha’s message is… Read More »

Bedtime Blues

By Susan S. Russo How many times can one read “Goodnight Moon”, “Brown Bear” or “The Cat in the Hat”? If you are a parent you know that the answer is probably close to a “gazillion”. When my four were tiny I resorted to reading all of their favorites using different accents…….Reading a la Fran… Read More »

Winter Recess Respite

For the first time ever, TAPA held respite classes over February Break.   On Thursday, “Girls Ruled” TAPA as it was the first day in TAPA’s history that we had all female students, volunteers, and teachers.  We made snowflake chains with glitter glue and sparkles, and read the book “Snowmen at Night” to inspire our… Read More »

TAPA’s Little Helpers

By Miss Amy: TAPA is not just for special needs.  My son, Matthew, has been coming to work since before age 2.  In addition to meeting so many wonderful students, he has taken dance, music, drumming and been my conscientious assistant. His experience has fostered a compassionate and understanding aspect of his personality that I… Read More »


By: Cindi Valenti As a mother of two special needs children, I sometimes find it hard to understand “typical” mothers and their wants and needs. I want my kids to be happy, socialize like “typical” kids do, succeed in the future and be taken care of. I encourage any activity they want to try or… Read More »

5 Fun Things to do this Summer…

Summer is here and school is out!  Here are five “TAPA-approved” unique things to do with your kids this summer.   1.  Attend a Long Island Ducks Game You can get tickets to this baseball game in Central Islip for $11 a ticket!  Take the whole family and support Long Island’s team.  They are… Read More »

A Dance Mom’s Dream

I’m proud and honored to be a Mom of a daughter with special needs who just happened to be TAPA’s first student.  So if that’s my claim to fame and the reason why I’m sitting here writing this little blog then I’ll take it and run with it. I don’t think any parent initially wants… Read More »