Max: Veteran Volunteer

By: Max Cohen I first learned of TAPA through Morgan Brodwin, a family friend with special needs. Her mother, Lisa, would always comment on the joy TAPA brought to Morgan and her family. At this same time, I was exploring community service and volunteer opportunities in connection with my Bar Mitzvah. Lisa suggested that I… Read More »

Yoga Greetings

I’ve happily been with TAPA for just under four months now wearing a few different hats: as administrative assistant and yoga and dance teacher. I wanted to take a moment to share with you my delight in coming on board in general, and also specifically working with the yoga students on Tuesday evenings.   It is… Read More »

Theresa Fun Day 2015

By: Lindsay Rogan Theresa Fun Day is right around the corner and we are so excited about it!  Each year, Theresa Foundation supporters and TAPA students grab their friends and families for a day of bowling, raffles, fun, and excitement!  Farmingdale Lanes opens the doors wide for Theresa Fun Day and last year we had… Read More »

Voicing Support for Arts in Education

In 1994 the Educate America Act created arts standards for Pre-K through 12th grade to assist students in becoming creative thinkers, makers and responders to the world around them. A great deal has changed since that time, especially in regards to education technology and information sharing, and in 2011 the National Coalition for Core Arts… Read More »

Celebrating the Holidays at TAPA

By: Lindsay Rogan It’s certainly true that “there’s no place like home for the holidays” but The Theresa Academy of Performing Arts is a great runner-up!  The hallways are filled with Christmas tunes, the fall art on the walls are being replaced with glittery and ornate holiday creations, and lots of special events are right… Read More »

Susan Russo and 100 Women Who Care about Long Island

  In the fall of 2013, 100 Women Who Care about Long Island provided The Theresa Academy of Performing Arts with a scholarship for our Saturday Respite program.  The grant was used to give 10 students full scholarships to our Saturday Respite program, free of charge!  See the interview with all the details below:

Cheers to Susan and Vincent

A few weeks ago I was going through Theresa Foundation paper work from a few years ago and I stumbled upon this beautiful today written by a dear friend of Susan and Vincent’s.  I wanted to share it on this blog because as The Theresa Foundation and Theresa Academy grow, supporters don’t always get to… Read More »

Jump for Joy…

When we saw this video of a young man with disabilities receiving a job offer, we were grinning with him.  Just  a short clip to help you smile today!  Watch on youtube: Jump for Joy

Try TAPA at Home (Part V)

This is our final, teacher-approved, kid-loved TAPA activities for the fall.  These are things that make our students grin and that you can try at home with your families.  Sharing is caring so feel free to share your favorite activities with us as well!   #5 Bang that Drum: A family band!   You don’t… Read More »